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Netflix launches daily Top 10 lists so you can see what’s hot

Netflix has introduced new Top 10 lists so you can find out what the most popular movies and TV series are in your country.

The streaming giant announced the feature on Monday, February 24.

The new Top 10 lists will be updated on a daily basis and include one for movies, one for TV shows, and one that combines both.

The lists will appear as rows along with other Netflix content on your account, with the position of the row dependent upon how relevant the movies and shows are to you, according to the platform’s algorithms.

The titles that make it onto the lists will also have a special ‘Top 10’ badge wherever they appear on Netflix, the company said, adding, “That way you can easily see what’s in the zeitgeist, whether you’re browsing by genre or through your personal list, or when searching for specific shows or films.”

Netflix said that recent testing of the lists in the U.K. and Mexico showed that members found them useful, prompting it to roll them out globally.

The move to include the Top 10 lists is part of efforts by Netflix to be more upfront about the performance of its content. In 2019 the company promised to start revealing more data on viewing figures for its movies and shows, something it had always been reluctant to do.

But its recently unveiled definition of what counts as a “watched” movie or show may cause a raised eyebrow among some, as it only means that a viewer “chose to watch and did watch for at least two minutes.” Previously, to count as one view, it meant that someone had “watched 70% of a single episode of a series.”

Either way, the new lists look set to offer a useful way to see what’s currently popular on the service, giving subscribers more ideas for what to watch next.

And don’t forget, Digital Trends also has tons of ideas on stuff to watch on Netflix, such as our own list for the 50 best shows on Netflix right now and the 50 best movies on Netflix right now.

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