New images of the ‘Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Batmobile hit the web

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Yes, they might be a bit grainy but these are the latest images of the new Batmobile. If you’re anything like me, your inner eight-year-old boy is jumping for joy right now.

A few weeks ago, two initial images of the new Batmobile hit the web. While those images showed us just a small portion of the car, these two new pictures show us a bit more.

What we can see is impressive indeed.


Ignoring the body that looks a bit too much like Darth Vader’s Executor Star Destroyer for my taste, we see a suspension system with more travel than a Baja 1000 desert racing pickup truck. Although the swing arms looks a bit out of place on the flat-bodied villain squasher, they make sense; the Batmobile has to withstand some serious mistreatment (and sweet jumps). Ultimately, though, Ben Affleck’s Batmobile looks like a combination of George Clooney’s and Christian Bale’s ‘Mobiles.

What kind of propulsion system the Batmobile employs is not yet known. I wonder if Batman will go eco-friendly and utilize a hybrid-drive system. If he does, I hope it’s on par with the likes of the McLaren P1.

We’re quite excited to see more of the caped crusader’s newest whip. We’ll be updating often, as soon as we learn more. So be sure to check back often.

(Photo credit: Motor Authority)