Chris Hemsworth lets it all hang out in the raunchy new Vacation trailer

(Warning: This trailer may have a family in it, but it is NOT family friendly!)

The new Red Band trailer for the Vacation sequel/reboot has arrived, and if you were expecting a whitewashed, family-friendly romp, this ain’t it.

After watching the new trailer, we’re almost tempted to say this isn’t your father’s Vacation — but it totally is. While many may have last watched the 1983 classic Chevy Chase vehicle (officially titled National Lampoon’s Vacation) via an edited cable feed, the unedited version had plenty of raunch to go around, and the new trailer seems determined to prove the latest movie can hang with its predecessor.

In the trailer, we see Ed Helms as Rusty Griswold, the hapless heir to the Griswold throne, who was played by a rotating cast of actors in the original franchise. In the latest addition, Rusty is all grown up, and wouldn’t ya know it, he’s bound and determined to take his family on a tribute trek to the original destination that started it all: Wally World.

Chevy and Beverly D’Angelo make a quick cameo, but judging by the scenes, the new film is all about the future generation including Rusty (Helms); his wife, Debbie (Christina Applegate); and their two sons. Leslie Mann also makes an appearance as Rusty’s sister, Audrey.

There are some hilarious moments already evident, including a familiar scene involving Rusty and son Kevin (played by Steele Stubbins) in which the latter asks his Dad what a rim job is, which leads to the classic comedy gag with a stranger walking in and quickly out of the scene to avoid the oddly sexual conversation.

Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) shows up midway through, which gives us hopes of some golden opportunities for laughs, but it’s Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor) who offers the biggest, well, impression of the mashup — let’s just say, he’s definitely out of character when compared to his resigned superhero persona. And it is not subtle.

In any event, those who may be worried that the new movie won’t have the same flare for inappropriate hilarity as the 1983 original can breathe easier after the latest glimpse. We’re not sure if the sequel will fly or flop, but it looks like it’s definitely worth a watch.