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NFL Sunday Ticket will allow for unlimited streams at home

NFL Sunday Ticket landing page on an iPad.
Phil Nickinson/Digital Trends

YouTube and YouTube TV will allow die-hard NFL fans who pony up a few hundred bucks for NFL Sunday Ticket to watch as many games as they want, so long as you’re on your home network. The news came in the form of a couple of tweets from the gold-checkmarked account.

That means you’ll be able to watch on as many devices as you have on hand, whether they’re phones, TVs, or tablets, in a web browser, or on other devices, like a smart TV or gaming platform.

The news is a boon to those who just have to watch all the games as they’re happening, which is a big thing for serious fantasy football players. And YouTube and YouTube TV being available pretty on any device makes it easy to have one game on a TV, another on a phone, and a third on an iPad. And that’s before you take the multiview feature into account, which lets you have multiple games on a single screen.

If you’re away from your home network, you’ll still be able to watch on two additional devices. That’s better than nothing, but it’s also a far cry from as many as you want. You’ll also still be subject to any blackout restraints if a game doesn’t sell out.

Tweets showing that NFL Sunday Ticket will be unlimited so long as you're on your home network.
YouTube TV on Twitter

The 2023 NFL season is the first for NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube and YouTube TV, having finally made the leap from DirecTV’s satellite service. It’s still pricey — that’s by design — but there are a couple of pricing schemes.

If you want NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV (which itself costs $73 a month), you’ll pay $349 for the season, or $389 if you also want NFL RedZone, which is a dedicated channel that shows scoring plays as they’re about to happen. NFL RedZone on YouTube proper — via the YouTube Primetime Channels section — will cost $449 for the season, or $489 if you want to add NFL RedZone. You can still save $100 off a subscription if you sign up by June 6.

The 2023 NFL season opens on Thursday, September 7, with a game on NBC. The first slate of games on NFL Sunday Ticket will be on September 10.

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