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The 'Orphan Black' season 5 trailer is the beginning of the end for the show

Orphan Black is finally going to give us some answers to our big, burning questions. The series is headed into its fifth and final season, so the time has come for the mysteries to unravel, or so we hope anyway. BBC America’s new trailer, released Thursday, does not offer many hints about the clone conspiracy, but it does promise that the sestras are ready to fight.

The preview reminds us of what Sarah (played by Tatiana Maslany) and her clone “sisters” have been through since the series’ inception: They have been hunted, controlled, used, and betrayed. Now, they are united and ready to do what it takes to gain their freedom and a new future. The women lay out exactly what they’re fighting for, including control of their bodies, to love whom they choose, for their children, their sisters, and the family they chose.

Since season 1, Orphan Black has followed Sarah in her quest to discover why she was created. Along the way, she has discovered several sister clones (all played by Maslany), with Helena, Cosima, and Alison turning into key players. They continue to dig in season 5 and with the series ending, we’re hoping they will finally uncover the truth.

We’ve seen the sestras go through a lot of intense ordeals over the years, from dealing with deadly illness to being kidnapped. Still, the stakes seem even higher now. As we hear in the preview, they are fighting “with everything [they have] got and everything to lose.”

Orphan Black has attracted notice and acclaim over the years. Maslany, in particular, has scored awards nominations and she finally won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series in 2016 after fans felt she was snubbed during the previous two years.

Orphan Black returns Saturday, June 10 for its final 10 episodes.

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