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From ‘The Simpsons’ to ‘This Is Us,’ these are the best TV couples ever

TV couples are the core appeal of many of our favorite TV shows. To celebrate this, we compiled a list of the best couples we all watched and loved on TV over the years, from old classics to the latest hit shows.
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Even their mothers might have trouble telling these celebrity lookalikes apart

Are they long lost brothers and sisters? These pairs of doppelgänger celebrities, some of whom have even appeared in movies together, or played younger versions of the other, look so much alike, that it's sometimes hard to tell them apart

This Netflix film was shot with nothing but GoPro cameras

To shoot the Netflix film, Face 2 Face, the production team relied on GoPro cameras in order to capture the unique story, from the actors’ point of view.
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'Annihilation' is a nightmare-fueling journey into the unknown

'Ex Machina' director Alex Garland adapts Jeff VanderMeer's terrifying best-seller in 'Annihilation' and offers a terrifying expedition into the unknown with a cast led by Natalie Portman.
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The best Amazon original series

Amazon Studios may not have as big a collection of in-house productions as Netflix, but there are still lots of shows worthy of your eyeballs. Here are our picks for the best Amazon original series.

‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ adaptation racing to theaters next fall

Paramount is now collaborating with Sega to bring the iconic mascot to the big screen November 15, 2019. The adaption will include a mix of CGI and live action, meaning Sonic will hang around humans.
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Kids hijacking your Netflix account? Here’s how to delete items

Wondering how to fix your viewing recommendations after little Timmy watched Paw Patrol on your profile? Here's how to delete and edit your Netflix viewing history, so you can find stuff you'll actually want to watch.
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‘Jessica Jones’ season 2 prep guide: What we learned from our sneak peek

Marvel's 'Jessica Jones' returns for another season in March, and we got an early look at the first five episodes of season 2. Here's a spoiler-free preview of what you can expect when the second season premieres March 8 on Netflix.
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‘The Last Jedi’ is Disney’s first 4K UHD Blu-ray with Dolby Vision and Atmos

On Tuesday, Disney announced that the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on 4K UHD Blu-ray would be the company’s to feature both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos on the same disc.
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13 epic sci-fi novels you should read before they become blockbuster films

You can get ahead of the next crop of science-fiction movies coming out of Hollywood by picking up the books that inspired them. We've compiled a list of books you can add to your reading list now to get a glimpse of the future.

Altice One crams your modem, router, and streaming box into one device

The Altice One is currently rolling out in the Optimum and Suddenlink coverage areas, combining the modem, router, and set-top-box into one unit. It's for subscribers of the Optimum digital TV and internet platform.

‘Beyond Trails: Atacama’ is Osprey’s film of human-powered exploration

Beyond Trails: Atacama is a short film presented by Osprey that demonstrates pushing the limits of human-powered exploration. Ambassador Lorraine Blancher and her team bikepack through the Atacama Desert.