Real Steel releases official teaser trailer

real steel releases official teaser trailer

Remember the various TV shows that featured robots battling it out in a specially constructed arenas? The highlights of those matches was typically a somewhat underwhelming finishing move that involved a hammer repeatedly hitting an opponent robot, or a buzz saw that was impressive to look at but nearly worthless against a metal enemy. It was an underwhelming finish to something that seemed to be the fulfillment of our adolescent self’s dreams.

But to some, the idea was so fascinating that it took hold and never let go. The people behind the film Real Steel seem to be among those that were hooked, and the upcoming movie takes the concept of battling robots to a whole new level.

Hugh Jackman stars as a Charlie Kenton, a boxer who lost out on a chance at fame and fortune when giant robots stepped into the ring and made human fighters obsolete. Together with his son, he builds a new robot to compete in the underground fights, and soon he has a chance at a comeback.

Directed by Shawn Levy (Date Night, Night at the Museum series), the film also stars Evangeline Lily (Lost), as well as several transformers. It hits theaters on October 7, 2011.