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Watch: The ’80s come alive in new Amazon series Red Oaks

Red Oaks Official Trailer
From Transparent to Bosch, Amazon has developed a good reputation for its original series as of late. The service is hoping for some more success with the debut of the new comedy Red Oaks, which becomes available on Friday, October 9.

Described as “The Graduate meets Caddyshack,” the coming-of-age comedy is set in suburban 1985, and follows the story of NYU student David Meyers, played by relative unknown Craig Roberts (Submarine) who finds himself conflicted in life over everything from his major in school, to his girlfriend. After beginning work as an assistant tennis pro at Red Oaks Country Club, he meets a number of interesting characters, all full of advice for the young man as he tries to carve his path. Among them is an “alluring art student” named Skye (Alexandra Socha), her father (Paul Reiser), and Nash, a tennis pro (played by Ennis Esmer).

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Also featured in the show is Dirty Dancing’s Jennifer Grey and Luck’s Richard Kind as David’s parents, along with Oliver Cooper (Californication), Gage Golightly and Josh Meyers.

The just-released two-minute trailer immediately puts the show’s humor on display as Kind and Roberts are seen discussing school while knocking around a tennis ball. “A ‘C’,” Kind tells his son,” is a Jewish ‘F’.” And it’s chocked full of signature ‘80s goodness, from the big hair and Madonna makeup, to the faded jeans, and the oh-so-‘80s background music.

The series will include 10 episodes, all of which will be available for Prime members’ streaming pleasure in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and Austria, followed by Japan later this year.

The show was created by Gregory Jacobs (Magic Mike XXL, The Knick) and Joe Gangemi (Eliza Graves). Sundance award-winner David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, Eastbound and Down) and Academy Award winner Steven Soderbergh (Behind the Candelabra, Traffic, Ocean’s Eleven) join Jacobs and Gangemi as Executive Producers. The series was directed by David Gordon Green, Andrew Fleming, Hal Hartley, Nisha Ganatra and Amy Heckerling.

Starting October 9, Amazon Prime members will be able to stream the half hour episodes from smart TVs and other devices, or download the entire series for offline viewing.

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