Hey Hollywood! Ditch the reboots and try making these Reddit prompts into movies

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Prompt: “A serial killer who kills hitchhikers picks up a serial killer who kills the people who pick him up.”

Film title: Carpool

Quick-and-dirty synopsis: In this off-the-wall dark comedy, a chance encounter brings two serial killers into each other’s crosshairs. Whether driver or passenger, only one man will make it out alive.

Dream director: Guy Ritchie

Ritchie’s penchant for fun, frenetic, off-the-wall action would play well with a script based on this prompt, as would his cheeky sense of humor. We’re imagining a Face/Off-style, mano a mano action flick with the personality of Snatch or Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Dream cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Oscar Isaac

Gyllenhaal’s creepiness chops were on full display in Nightcrawler, as were Isaac’s in Ex Machina. Put these two in a car, lock the doors, and grab some popcorn.


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Prompt: “A group of [Vikings] encounters a Siren at sea, her voice is luring the men to their doom – except one. Now it’s up to a closeted gay Viking to save the day.”

Quick-and-dirty synopsis: This screwball comedy follows an outcast viking warrior (Will Ferrell) whose hidden sexuality helps him become the hero his people need. With his raiding party under the spell of a seductive siren, he steps in to save the day, and leaves the mythic winged woman with an infatuation of her own.

Film title: Irresistible

Dream director: Adam McKay

This directorial decision goes hand-in-hand with our planned casting, as McKay and our lead actor have collaborated on comedy gold many times before. Regardless of who he’s working with, however, the director of hits like Step Brothers and The Big Short is one of the genre’s top talents.

Dream cast: Gal Gadot, Will Ferrell, Kristofer Hivju, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

It’d be hard to find a better siren than the smoldering Gadot, better vikings than Hivju (AKA – Tormund Giantsbane) and Björnsson (AKA – The Mountain), or a more hilarious hero than Will Ferrell.

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