NewsOn brings news streaming to Roku, iOS, and Android devices

roku newson channel menu
Cord cutters don’t have to miss out on their daily TV news fix. NewsOn announced the launch of its app Wednesday, which allows users to stream live and on-demand local newscasts and clips. NewsOn is available for download on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, along with Roku players and TVs.

NewsOn’s video content is described as “broadcast-quality,” and it focuses on a range of topics, including business, sports, weather, and traffic. Additionally, the viewing experience is enhanced for viewers with a variety of tools. Users can pinpoint moments they’d like to watch, as well as engage in real-time Twitter conversation related to local news.

“NewsOn expands the reach and relevance of local broadcast news, and delivers a uniquely valuable experience for viewers,” said Louis Gump, CEO of NewsOn in a press release.

The ad-supported app is free, and it allows users to search for content in a variety of ways. Not only can viewers search by market using an interactive map, they can look for content that appeals to their interests by browse by news category. As news breaks, content is curated from multiple stations for users.

So far, NewsOn’s video content comes from multiple media groups, including Cox, Hearst Television, Graham, and more, spanning 90 U.S. markets that account for 75 percent of the country. Videos from a total of 118 stations are currently included in the content library.  “The vast collection of news content, coupled with a powerful interface, gives NewsOn the potential to be an iconic app that quickly becomes a consumer favorite,” said Gump.

While NewsOn’s collection of local news video is already “the most comprehensive … available today for mobile and connected TV viewers,” according to the company, even more stations are expected to contribute by the end of the year.

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