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Does Scream 6 have a post-credits end scene?

Thanks to modern superhero movies like Iron Man and Black Panther, it’s now a ritual for audiences to linger after the end credits roll for pretty much any movie nowadays. If a classic movie like The Sixth Sense was made today, there would be an end credits scene with the ghost of Bruce Willis’ character hanging around another poor psychic kid to tease a sequel, The Sixth Sense 2: Deader Than Ever.

Horror is a genre that’s recently seen some post-credits scenes lately. The original Insidious and last year’s Terrifier 2 both had end credits scenes, which can be important to build up a franchise and tease the sequel we all know is coming at some point. The Scream franchise isn’t known to have end credits scenes, but in today’s moviegoing climate when every movie seemingly has one, a viewer has to ask: does Scream 6 have a post-credits end scene?

Well, does Scream 6 have a post-credits end scene or not?

Sam, Tara, Mindy, and Chad stand together in Scream 6.
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The answer, surprisingly, is yes. Just a short while after the killers are revealed, which is detailed in DT’s Scream 6 ending explained article, we’re treated to the usual list of cast and crew credits. The short scene that takes place, which lasts all of around 10 seconds, isn’t a tease like most end credits scenes, but rather a meta-joke the franchise is famous for.

The scene is a flashback to the middle of the movie when Jasmin Savoy Brown’s character, Mindy Meeks-Martin, is lecturing her friends, lover, and, as it turns out, one of the Ghostface killers about the rules of a modern franchise: legacy characters like Luke Skywalker and Dewey can now be killed, new characters are disposable, and nothing, or nobody, is sacred or safe.

In the post-credits scene, Mindy continues her lecture and comments on the proliferation of end-credits scenes. Instead of advocating for their use, she declares that “there doesn’t need to be an end credits scene in every movie.” Right on, sister! The scene, and the movie, then ends. While not at all important to the narrative, it’s a nice little commentary about a new movie practice that is now looked down upon than adored.

How many post-credits end scenes are there?

Just one, relax. This isn’t a Marvel movie.

Is Scream 6 any good?

Scream VI | Final Trailer (2023 Movie)

Well, it depends on who you ask. Most critics appear to like it. The movie has a very solid 75% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and audiences seem to be embracing the sequel. It’s on track to make the most money in an opening weekend for any Scream movie ever. That’s impressive.

Digital Trends’ own critic, Alex Welch, praised it, calling it a “bloodier, better sequel” that serves as a “reminder of just how thrilling well-made slashers can still be.” It’s worth checking out, especially if you’re a horror movie fan or just want a fun night out at the movies.

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