Art or insanity? Shia LaBeouf watching all his movies in reverse order in 3-day marathon

If you’ve ever wondered what it must be like for actors to watch themselves in a movie, you can find out by watching Shia LaBeouf do just that. The unconventional actor is holding an event at New York City’s Angelika Film Center in which fans are invited to marathon all of his movies with him over a three-day period — and for free at that. Movies are being shown in reverse chronological order.

LaBeouf is calling the marathon the #AllMyMovies project and even launched a website. Per the announcement, the event began at noon on November 10 and will continue for 24 hours a day until the actor and any visitors have viewed his catalog of films. Those who aren’t able to drop by the theater, which is located at 18 West Houston Street in Manhattan, can also check in via live stream. (Be warned, however, that it doesn’t always work.)

Naturally, the unique event has already inspired a lot of buzz. On Twitter, #AllMyMovies has picked up steam, with people talking about the actor making himself cry and sharing their favorite GIFs from the only hours-old project. Still others are commenting on this form of performance art.

There’s clearly still a lot to be curious about regarding the event. For example, will LaBeouf only screen films that previously had a theatrical release? Early in his career, the actor starred in multiple TV movies, including Disney Channel’s The Even Stevens Movie. It would be entertaining to see the contrast from recent work as a veteran actor to his days as a child star.

Unfortunately, LaBeouf hasn’t been live-tweeting the event, but, of course, other people are. We’ll have to turn to them for answers and updates.