Robin Hood to follow the Marvel Universe plan? Sony considers the possibility

sony reportedly planning cinematic universe based robin hood men in tights

Ever since Marvel Studios made the “cinematic universe” a very real — and more importantly, very profitable — franchise model, every studio has been clamoring to craft their own version of a big-screen universe where multiple franchises co-exist and spill into each other. This has led to some interesting projects gaining ground in Hollywood, like a cinematic universe based on the legend of Robin Hood that Sony is reportedly considering.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony is looking to add to its shared-universe plans (which already includes a series of interconnected Spider-Man movies) by building another web of films out of Hood, a film based on Robin Hood that would pave the way for a series of solo movies based on the infamous British archer’s band of Merry Men. The potential seven-figure deal for Hood attracted Sony’s attention due to its potential as the foundation for a “superhero team of England’s Middle Ages” and it’s being described as a cross between the Mission: Impossible and Fast & Furious films.

The script for Hood was penned by Cory Goodman and Jeremy Lott, who previously teamed up for Lore, an upcoming sci-fi film starring Dwayne Johnson. Goodman also wrote 2011’s Priest and wrote the screenplay for Vin Diesel’s upcoming film The Last Witch Hunter. He’s also been tasked with rebooting the Underworld franchise.

Lott’s most notable work thus far has been the screenplay for The Falling, an upcoming sci-fi film set to star Zac Efron.