Source Code movie will become a TV series

actors havent won oscar jake gyllenhaal stars in source codeSource Code, Duncan Jones sci-fi thriller that hit theaters earlier this year, is headed to television.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Source Code producer Mark Gordon sold a television project based on the film to CBS. Like the film, the series will feature special agents who jump into the bodies of people involved in disasters moments before the events occur, giving them a short time to determine what happened — and possibly how to prevent it.

While Jake Gyllenhaal played agent Colter Stevens in the 2011 film, the new series will feature a trio of agents using the same Source Code technology to push their consciousness into other people’s bodies.

For those wondering if Jones would be involved in the series, the answer appears to be no — since Jones himself commented on Twitter that he’d only heard about the deal when it hits the news wire.

Lost and Lie To Me writer Steve Maeda is attached to write the Source Code series.

Oh, and if the premise for the film and television series sounds a little familiar, that’s because Jones has made it clear that the early ’90s series Quantum Leap was a big inspiration for the film. In fact, has a nice interview with Jones in which he discusses a special nod to Quantum Leap that can be found in the film.