Space Jam sequel may have found a director, but will LeBron go Looney Tunes, too?

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LeBron James/Facebook

Rumors that a Lebron James-fronted Space Jam sequel will come to fruition have been in circulation for years, but for the first time ever, the film seems like it may actually become a reality.

Fast & Furious 3-6 and Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin has reportedly been in talks with Warner Brothers to helm the new-to-him project, which is in early development, according the The Hollywood Reporter. The film will be co-written by Bad Words writer Andrew Dodge. Dodge and Lin are currently working on several other projects together, and it looks as though Lin’s Perfect Storm Entertainment will produce.

The one person that nobody has heard from? James himself. That said, the Cleveland Cavaliers star does have acting experience, having played himself in comedian Amy Schumer’s 2015 film Trainwreck — a role which had many critics truly impressed with his acting ability.

A beloved classic that has stood the test of time, Space Jam features Warner Bros.’ iconic animated Looney Tunes characters, including Bugs Bunny, who join with NBA legend Michael Jordan to battle a group of talent-stealing space aliens.

James has been the obvious Jordan replacement for a sequel for years given his extreme popularity and skill on the court, although many fans will argue that someone like Steph Curry — considered by most to be the best player in the league in 2016 — would be a better Jordan replacement.

Still, James would make a fun star for the new sequel, which is less about real-world basketball than it is quirky kids show antics. Speaking of which, here’s hoping that Larry Bird and Bill Murray (both of whom acted in the original) will show up in the sequel.

At this point, fans should take all of their excitement with a grain of salt; Lin and Dodge haven’t yet completed a script, and the studio has yet to confirm the project. But with such a big-name director on board, a Space Jam 2 looks closer to the big screen than ever.