Spotify ups the app ante with new additions to its music platform

newappsSpotify continues to solidify its app-approach to music streaming with its latest generation of available apps. 12 new tools have been added to its ecosystem, including TweetVine, Def Jam, Classify, Filtr, The Legacy Of, Domino, Digster, [PIAS], The Complete Collection, Matador Records, Hot or Not, and the warner sound.

Shortly after launching its integration with Facebook, Spotify hit the ground running and announced the app store that would complement its streaming service. It was initially criticized for only being available via the desktop client – which is somewhat unintuitive for an Internet music application. Still, there’s no denying the huge impact Spotify has had since its US debut: it now has more than 10 million active users and over three million paying subscribers. It’s effectively put pressure on music streaming competitors, including those that have been around for awhile and were doing pretty healthy businesses (MOG comes to mind).

Rdio has recently undergone an image overhaul, with a redesigned Web and desktop client. CEO Drew Larner recently told the San Francisco Chronicle that the market is young but changing quickly. “We think there’s room to grow – and we think there’s room for multiple services.” He also noted “It’s inevitable we’re going to see a shakeout, probably in the next 12 to 16 months. There’s going to be some consolidation.”

It can be assumed Spotify will go unscathed by market pressure — and that whatever wiggle room there is, it’s going to try to get rid of it. For all its faults (and it isn’t faultless), the service is capitalizing on its idea of being “the OS of music,” and consumers are liking it. Here’s a little more information on the new apps and what they’ll add to the Spotify experience starting today:

  • Classify: Helps you explore and browse classical music.
  • The Complete Collection: Dives deep into artists’ background. Lyrics, liner notes, artwork, and personal history are some of what you’ll get from this app.
  • Def Jam: More music and accompanying data from Def Jam Records.
  • Digster: Updated playlists of various music genres made by artists available weekly (sort of reminiscent of the MOG artist and editor playlist feature).
  • Domino: Discovery and listening app for music under the Domino label.
  • Filtr: Make playlists based on your Facebook friends’ music choices. Also offers editorial playlists based on what you like.
  • Hot or Not: Two songs battle, you choose the winner. You can track how well your votes do as well, and these points will go toward your “Taste Maker” status.
  • The Legacy Of: Another deep look at artists with high-res photos, curated playlists, biographies, etc.
  • Matador Records: Tour dates, new releases, and playlists from the record label.
  • [PIAS]: Best new albums and curated playlists from the indie label.
  • TweetVine: Grabs tweets with the #NowPlaying hashtag and creates Spotify charts.
  • the warner sound: Songs, albums, playlists, and features like album of the day and family tree (tracing back an artists’ musical roots) from the label – which includes the likes of Bruno Mars, Wiz khalifa, Aretha Franklin, and Green Day. 

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