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‘Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan’ headed back to theaters for 35th anniversary

Star Trek II photo
Paramount Pictures
A big milestone calls for a big celebration. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan turns 35 this year, and to honor the anniversary, Paramount Pictures and Fathom Events will offer special screenings of the classic sci-fi flick this fall. More than 600 theaters around the United States will participate, reports.

Although Star Trek II bowed on June 4, 1982, the anniversary event won’t take place till September 10 and 13. Each location will screen a digitally remastered director’s cut from the movie’s acclaimed filmmaker, Nicholas Meyer, that will include an exclusive introduction featuring William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk.

“Making Star Trek II seems like only yesterday,” the actor said in a statement. “Even back then, we knew we were creating something really special, and to have The Wrath of Khan back on the big screen 35 years later is a wonderful testament both to the film itself and to the incredible passion of Star Trek fans.”

The screenings will give longtime Trekkies a chance to take advantage of the theatrical experience once again, while also enabling newer fans to enjoy it for the first time. If the past is any indication, the screenings should attract a lot of interest. Star Trek II had the biggest opening of any film in 1982 and brought in more than $78.91 million in North America over the course of its run, according to Box Office Mojo Data; it was one of 1982’s top-performing movies.

Star Trek II holds a special place in the hearts of Star Trek fans,” Tom Lucas, vice president of studio relations at Fathom Events, said in a statement. “Fathom is proud to work with Paramount Pictures to present it again on the big screen, with all of its excitement, action, drama, and emotion.”

The film does certainly have the all of the aforementioned elements. Star Trek II follows Kirk on what he thinks could be his last space mission. It ends up being a unique one when Khan (played by Ricardo Montalban) sets out to trap Kirk to get revenge for the 15 years he has spent in exile. Khan’s evil plan includes a top-secret device, a hijacked starship, and a bunch of supermen.

Fans who want to celebrate Star Trek II‘s anniversary can buy tickets now through the Fathom Events website.

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