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Redditor says new Star Wars syncs up perfectly with Dark Side of the Moon

star wars force awakens syncs with dark side of the moon pink floyd
Pink Floyd’s revolutionary album Dark Side of The Moon has more tricks up its sleeve in relation to the world of cinema. Floyd heads (and general stoners) have long known about the trick with the album and The Wizard of Oz: start up Darkside after the third roar from the MGM lion, and watch the weird coincidences pile up, including Dorothy’s stepping into Oz right when Money starts up.

Now a new trick for the album has supposedly been unearthed, with a redditor claiming the album syncs up perfectly with J.J. Abrams new Star Wars installment The Force Awakens. The redditor, with the handle knnl, claims the album syncs up perfectly with the film’s three acts when started directly after the legendary text crawl at the movie’s intro.

Fair warning: Some spoilers to follow.

“Play the album after the crawl, when the camera moves from the stars to the ship that’s flying over and eclipsing Jakku’s moon (hint hint),” writes user knnl in thepost about the sync on the popular site.

Apparently, if done correctly, the trick will pull up some pretty interesting coincidences.

When the famous line “I’m not afraid of dying/anytime will do,” is uttered, for example, it happens just after Poe Dameron wakes up in a torture chamber and stares at Kylo Ren. Another similarity supposedly happens during the transition to the piano intro on Great Gig In The Sky, which occurs just when Kylo Ren starts talking to Vader’s melted helmet.

There are numerous other interesting moments that appear to sync up the album and the film outlined in the full Reddit post, as well as plenty of hilarious comments, as frequenters of the site probably guessed.

“First of all, yes, I have a lot of free time,” knnl says about the discovery.

Though the potential terrifying vengeance of Mickey Mouse’s lawyers means that we have no way of verifying the truth of this proposal currently, we do look forward to confirming or denying the sync as soon as Blu-ray discs of the film become commercially available later this year.

The Dark Side of The Moon/The Force Awakens coincidence, if there truly is one, will likely be the first of many discoveries by rabid Star Wars fans when the film becomes available to watch at home. Sorry Oz fans — it was a good run.

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