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Epic fan film shows L.A. under assault by an Imperial fleet from Star Wars

Star Wars: Invasion Los Angeles
Ever wonder what would happen if an Imperial fleet from Star Wars descended on Los Angeles? Of course you have. And luckily, thanks to Internet filmmaker Kaipo Jones, you’ll have to wonder no more.

Trading the cold barren world of Hoth for the sunny skies of L.A., an Imperial Class Star Destroyer floats insidiously through the blue, as TIE fighters down below take on the nation’s finest air defenses — and, as one might guess, handily obliterates them.

The clip bounces quickly through several Los Angeles landmarks, including the famous Walt Disney Concert Hall, which brandishes a massive Frozen poster on the outer walls — barely noticeable as an AT-ST Walker casually takes out a passing car. It’s an image that is strangely satisfying if you’ve ever been stuck in L.A. traffic — taken purely in the fantasy context, of course. Keep your Walker’s at home, people.

It’s no surprise that the Disney theater is featured prominently in the film, as Kaipo has given several shout-outs to the new caretaker of the Star Wars franchise which, of course, is ramping up to the December release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Other prominent LA fixtures depicted in the fierce battle include the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Rodeo Drive, LAX, the Griffith Park Observatory, the Santa Monica pier, and several more.

Kaipo’s behind the scenes video explains how he shot the film driving around Los Angeles, and completed the effects part of the project in a matter of 2-3 months. Kaipo is best known for his sci-fi cat videos, including Magneto Cat, and says the Star Wars project was a sort of break from his usual fare.

Star Wars: Invasion Los Angeles BTS

In the video, the filmmaker also reveals there are several “Easter eggs” in the film, including those from Disney, Star Wars, and even Grand Theft Auto, inviting viewers to seek them out.

Kaipo says the addition of a Star Wars film to his repertoire was inevitable. And for junkies of the series, it’s another great addition to the expansive universe to help stoke the flames for the coming feature film.

Enjoy — and keep your eyes peeled for TIE fighters overhead.

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