Bond with Stephen Colbert over lunch with his hilarious new web video series

As Stephen Colbert’s Sept. 8 Late Show debut draws closer, the future host has been hyping his takeover very creatively. From a Colbert-starring text adventure game to an interview with Eminem on public access TV, he’s earned an A+ in engaging viewers in fun and surprising ways. His latest venture is a new daily week-long web series, launched Monday on YouTube, in which he plans to “get to know [his] audience just a little bit better” over lunch.

In the first episode, he starts in a spacious office (with a view) and shares his plan of bonding with the many people who “eat lunch alone at their desks watching videos like these.” Thus, he introduces his show, which he dubs “Stephen Colbert Has Stephen Colbert’s Daily Lunch With You Starring Stephen Colbert.” It’s a mouthful, but it says it all.

Cut to a cubicle and Colbert is ready to pow-wow. Over the course of the almost three-minute video, he shares what’s going on in his life: normal stuff, of course, like his diet where he only eats “small-sounding foods.” (Examples of this are Little Caesar’s, Thin Mints, and baby back ribs. Very healthy.) He also gets into his hopes and dreams, revealing his visionary business model for the bed and breakfast he’d like to run. (To be honest, it sounds like the perfect setting for a horror movie.) Last but not least, he regales us with tales of jail, which serve as a reminder that exotic bird smuggling doesn’t pay off.

With so many gems from just one lunch, an entire week will be a treasure trove. We feel more bonded with Colbert already.

Watch the first part of the hilariously strange new web series above.