Super 8 trailer brings us back to the Spielberg classics of the 1980s


Super 8 is J.J. Abrams‘ upcoming homage to legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg, who also serves as the film’s producer. In a first for the industry, Paramount Pictures unveiled the trailer with tweet which states simply, “Hope you like it” alongside a Twitvid link. After the link went live, the studio followed the Twitter dialogue with re-tweeted responses from various members of the media.

As for the trailer itself, the ties back to Spielberg classics like E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Time are easy to spot. Opening with a chills-inducing Amblin Entertainment logo — Spielberg’s production company — the scenes that follow are a mix of new looks and recycled bits from previous trailers. You still don’t see whatever the presumably alien menace is, and hopefully we won’t until the movie is released, but you get a better sense of the story here. There’s also more of a focus on the film’s younger cast members which, coupled with the music, hearken back to fond memories of Amblin classics like The Goonies.

It’s probably best to just stop watching all trailers and TV spots immediately. It’s clear from what we’ve seen so far that Abrams has a firm grasp of what it means for him to pay homage to a great like Spielberg. Wouldn’t you rather walk into this movie when it opens on June 10 with a mindset closer to where you were in your childhood, before the Internet was around to give you the detailed early scoop?

Check out the trailer for yourself right here: