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Notorious B.I.G. inspires new TBS comedy series, and the ’90s are gone forever

tbs creates sitcom based on notorious big lyrics series
You heard that right: TBS will move its programming in new direction by creating a scripted TV comedy series based on the lyrics of Christopher Wallace, better known as rapper The Notorious B.I.G. The series, Think B.I.G. will focus on an inner-city teen and his struggle to create a better life for himself and his two children, according to Variety.

TBS teamed up with magazine and record label Mass Appeal, which will produce and create the content for Think B.I.G. along with Wallace’s mother, Voletta Wallace; and Wayne Barrow from Bystorm Films. TBS’s executive vice president of original programming, Brett Weitz noted that TBS is eyeing a partnership with Mass Appeal to provide programming with “unique stories with diverse voices.”

TBS plans to utilize Mass Appeal for that purpose to consult on current programming, and to develop new programming for the network. Mass Appeal intends to add music-themed specials and unscripted programs to TBS’s lineup in the near future. Mass Appeal partner and chief creative officer, Sacha Jenkins commented on the partnership, and said, “I think our marriage will produce programming that will inspire a huge cross-section of people to tune in, interact and, in the case of TBS, laugh their asses off.”

TBS and Mass Appeal hope to create “cultural ingenuity” for both TBS and TNT through this partnership, and Think B.I.G. appears to be just the beginning for these companies as they partner to appeal to a wider and more diverse audience. Mass Appeal also plans to create and license original songs and music that will be featured in Turner’s TV lineup.

Think B.I.G. is the second sitcom announced recently inspired by a rapper, and currently in development. The other, My Friend 50 by Fox will feature rapper 50 Cent as himself. My Friend 50 will focus on a woman who believes that joining 50’s entourage will fix all of the concerns of day-to-day life, according to Rolling Stone. The comedy is in development now, and does not yet have a premier date.

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