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The Legend of Korra comes to Netflix on August 14

All four seasons of The Legend of Korra officially hit Netflix on Friday, August 14. 

The sequel to the cult-favorite animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender ran on Nickelodeon from 2012-2014. Now, you’ll be able to binge the two series back-to-back on the streaming service. 

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The Legend of Korra is set in Avatar’s fictional universe, where there are four nations, each devoted to a different element: Earth, air, water, and fire. The series follows Avatar Korra, who is Avatar Aang’s successor from the original series. Korra fights to keep the Republic City safe from evil forces coming from Avatar’s physical and spiritual worlds throughout the series’ four seasons. 

Devoted fans took to Twitter after Netflix announced the series release date on Tuesday to share their excitement. 

the best avatar

— amar (@karazrell) July 21, 2020

I was waiting for this day, TURN it UPPPPP-

— ????????????☽ (@iza_IIofneptune) July 21, 2020

Looks like I’m gonna be booked the second half of August ????

— She-Rad the Warrior (@AdoraTheJock) July 21, 2020

Avatar: The Last Airbender, returned to Netflix in May after a long hiatus of being off the platform. 

Over the years, Avatar has won awards and praise for its beautiful animation, music, the depth of its narrative, and lovable characters. 

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