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Hilarious Time Traveling Bong trailer takes Broad City’s Ilana Glazer on an adventure

Comedy Central is getting turned up this month with the premiere of Time Traveling Bong, a new three-part miniseries. The network released a trailer today, previewing the drug-fueled fun to come. Starring Broad City‘s Ilana Glazer and Paul W. Downs, the event series follows the duo as they embark on an stupidly hilarious adventure that drops them in various different points in time and space.

In the trailer, the duo find themselves in the possession of a special bong. “Smoke once to travel; smoke again to return,” they’re told. The directions are too tempting for them to ignore, so the cousins, Sharee (played by Glazer) and Jeff (Downs), decide to try it out, expecting to be able to come right back. Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a movie if it worked out that easily for them.

After an a scene reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland‘s trip down the rabbit hole, it’s clear that the time traveling bong works. Unfortunately for Sharee and Jeff, a man smashes the bong on the ground, leaving them without a way home. They can smoke in and out of different points in the space-time continuum, but they don’t seem to have any control over their destinations.

In an entertaining sequence, we see them seemingly bringing Gangnam Style to another time, facing a massive dinosaur, and doing a lot of screaming. Best of all, they even share their Deep Thoughts. “Who are we to say what history should and shouldn’t be?” asks Jeff. Noticeably absent, however, are the snacks.

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The trailer unfortunately doesn’t hint at how they’ll attempt to get home, either, so we’ll have to wait and see. The miniseries seems like the perfect candidate for the “oh, hey, we didn’t actually go anywhere” discovery, but it’d be great to see a more original solution. Time Traveling Bong is directed by Lucia Aniello, who co-stars.

Time Traveling Bong (naturally) premieres on April 20 on Comedy Central.

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