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Tracy Morgan returns to TV as host of SNL, follows Miley Cyrus and Amy Schumer

tracy morgan returns to tv saturday night live post accident
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Following a devastating car accident that left his friend dead and himself in recovery for more than a year, actor and comedian Tracy Morgan is set to make his return to TV as a host on the new season of Saturday Night Live, reports Variety. Also confirmed to host upon SNL‘s return is Miley Cyrus and Amy Schumer.

The infamous crash last summer took place when the limousine transporting Morgan and several of his friends was rear-ended by a Walmart truck. Comedian James McNair was killed, and Morgan and his two other friends were seriously injured. Morgan reportedly suffered from severe brain trauma, along with several broken ribs and a broken leg. He was also in a coma for two weeks following the accident. And as early as last November, he was barely able to speak, requiring speech, cognitive, vocational, and physical therapies.

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In his first television appearance since the accident on the Today Show,  Morgan, who was ushered into the studio in a wheelchair and appeared on camera with a cane, was clearly overcome with emotion, both in disbelief that he was still alive, and grief for the death of his long-time friend. “The case is settled,” he told host Matt Lauer, “but the pain is always going to be there for Jimmy Mac.” Morgan was referring to a lawsuit that was settled against Walmart for negligence in the crash. The retailer took full responsibility – allegedly the driver, Kevin Roper, had not slept for more than 24 hours, and was speeding.

Given this took place just a few months ago, and his hosting gig is set for the October 17 episode of season 41, it’s an amazing accomplishment for Morgan to sign on.

Morgan was a cast member on Saturday Night Live for seven years from 1996 to 2003, after which he joined his friend and former cast member Tina Fey on the NBC comedy 30 Rock, which ran from 2006 to 2013. This will mark Morgan’s second time hosting SNL.

“I love comedy,” he told Today in the aforementioned interview. “…and I can’t wait to get back to her. But right now, my goal is just to heal and get better…I’ll get back to making you laugh. I promise you.”

It sounds like Morgan is almost there, and we can’t wait to see his triumphant return. He’ll follow Cyrus, who is set to host the opening episode on October 3, and Schumer who is set to host on October 10th.

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