Trevor Noah calls Jon Stewart a Jewish Yoda on Late Show with Stephen Colbert

trevor noah calls jon stewart jewish yoda on late show with stephen colbert
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While Trevor Noah, The Daily Show’s new host, has big shoes to fill, his Late Show with Stephen Colbert appearance last night bodes well for the future. Speaking with the former Daily Show correspondent-turned-Late Show host, Noah told Colbert that he had doubts taking over for the “legend of talk shows” Jon Stewart. But Noah showed his own comedy chops on the show, calling Stewart “like a Jewish Yoda” because of the advice his predecessor gave him.

“He said, ‘The Daily Show is what The Daily Show should be for you to be the best show you can make,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. If you think that’s a confusing piece of advice, you’re not alone. “I walked away not knowing what that meant,” said Noah. The outgoing Daily Show host also told Noah to “trust his discomforts. If you’re feeling uncomfortable then that’s the way you should be going.”

Noah also talked politics on his Late Show appearance, commenting on the GOP debate earlier this week that “no one said anything.” Further, he made a call to citizens to vote. “Democracy is a beautiful and ugly thing at the same time,” he said. “You should make it illegal to not vote. When you have it, you don’t appreciate it. … Show that you’re there. Don’t let it go.”

The South African-born comedian does have a different perspective, but he stressed to Colbert that he understands the American point-of-view. “I’m not an outsider,” said Noah. “I suffer the same things that people suffer here.” The new gig is certainly different than his TV hosting experience in South Africa, though. “We weren’t allowed to play any clips,” explained Noah on being forbidden to criticize the government.

Noah begins his Daily Show hosting duties September 28 on Comedy Central.