Watch: Scalp Team Six rescues Trump’s hair in ‘cut for time’ SNL Sketch

While Trump on SNL sounded like a recipe for comedy, awkwardness, disaster, and any number of potentially entertaining things, his actual appearance was sort of a dud.

The sketches that centered around The Donald were mostly unmemorable, but we recently got a bit that was cut for time and, ironically, it might have been the best of the bunch.

Here’s the hook: A group of elite Navy Seals are shrunk down to microscopic size so that they can wrangle Donald Trump’s famously finicky hair for a showdown with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The premise of the sketch alone is funnier than most of what we saw this past Saturday and — after watching the clip — so is the execution.

“Scalp Team 6” employs a number of remedies in pursuit of follicular stabilization, but after Cecily Strong’s medium-hold hairspray cannon fails, Taran Killam is forced to stay behind and detonate an LA Looks hair gel bomb.

The skit was quite obviously patterned after Fantastic Voyage and was very well done. That being said, the fact that it was cut leaves us scratching our head … and not because we have our own team of mini-soldiers working on our hair.

We wonder if Trump himself wasn’t thrilled with this sketch and that’s why it was left out. That’s just speculation, of course, but it’s just a little hard to buy the whole “cut for time” explanation. This was certainly funnier than the bits that saw the candidate appear as laser harpist Gene Breadz, and skeevy Startraxxx producer Scasey Steves. Why not cut one (or both) of those?

Oh, well. Time to move on.

The next two weeks will bring onstage at SNL actor Matthew McConaughey and superstar songstress Adele, both of whom are a much more natural fit for the program.