Two flavors of Anchorman 2 teaser trailer hit the ‘net

two flavors of anchorman 2 teaser trailer hit the net anchorman2

The original Anchorman was a hilarious, insanely quotable movie that, in the nearly eight years since its release, has attracted a massive following — especially on home video. Thus, it should come as no surprise that someone would pitch the brilliant idea of making a sequel. While that film, aptly titled Anchorman 2, is still a ways away, the cast is already promoting the film via the time-honored tradition of teasers that tell us utterly nothing about the film itself.

In a bit of a twist however, it seems that the creators weren’t satisfied with a single, entertaining clip and decided to release a second version. Aesthetically the two teasers are almost identical, but the latter clip includes a dramatic voiceover introduction and almost entirely new dialogue.

It’s a clever scheme, because in the end, you really have to watch both teasers. They’re equally entertaining — though the second gets a bit more propers for its promise of “sub-machine guns and boobies” — and each gives Steve Carell a unique chance to shine as the endearingly stupid “Brick.”

Before you hit play on the below clips, we should warn you that neither is safe for work. Or your children. Or church. They both include massive amounts of sexual innuendo, suggestive dialogue and polyester fabric. It’s like being hit on by a drunk manifestation of 1974, only funnier and with an inexplicable amount of lens flare. If you get fired for watching either of these things, you have only yourself to blame.

Oh, and if you like what you see here, Anchorman 2 is supposed to hit theaters sometime during 2013. Since these teasers are literally the only thing the crew has filmed so far, that release schedule could change, but as of now we expect to see the flick next year.