Sling TV to carry new Viceland network

Viceland, Vice’s upcoming 24-hour, new-age news network, is aimed at a younger, more progressive demographic than traditional news outlets. Problem is, that’s the same crowd that is likely to cut the cord and eschew traditional, bundled cable. Enter the upstart, Old TV-trolling Sling TV.

Since the A&E network umbrella is turning History Channel off-shoot H2 into Viceland, and Sling TV already carries H2, it would make sense for them to continue to carry it under the new banner — and carry it, they will. Yesterday, the Internet-based, live-streaming TV service told GigaOm that, when the new channel launches, it will be available on Sling TV.

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The company couldn’t provide an exact date, but indicated that it would get the network “at the same time as other distributors.”

Though not quite a la carte, Sling TV provides a more limited, far-cheaper option when compared with traditional TV. The company’s packages start at $20/month sans contract and include a targeted selection of 20+ popular channels (ESPN, A&E, History, TNT, and others). For an additional monthly fee, subscribers can add HBO and other extras.

As we said earlier, that’s the sort of model that appeals to more progressive, cost-conscious millennials and much of Viceland’s planned programming is aimed squarely at the same crowd. By their titles alone you can tell that shows like Music Documentary series Noisey and Ellen Page’s Gaycation aren’t exactly your father’s brand of Cable TV.

It’s too early to tell if Viceland is capable of shaking up the cable news landscape, but for cord cutters who like thoughtful, intelligent programming, this is very much a win-win.

Viceland isn’t set to go live until sometime in 2016, but we’ll be sure to keep you up to date until then. Stay tuned.