Watch: Stephen Colbert hypes Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with Angels and buffalo wings

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show comes but once a year, so to prepare for Wednesday’s big event, Stephen Colbert hosted three Angels — Adriana Lima, Taylor Hill, and Behati Prinsloo — on the December 7 episode of The Late Show. Like any good host, Colbert served his guests refreshments, but the offering wasn’t so much for them as it was for America. Eating buffalo wings is the “one thing that America wanted to see Victoria’s Secret Angels do,” according to Colbert.

When Colbert had the Angels guess the activity they’d be doing for the skit, Lima got the answer right (we’ll just pretend that part wasn’t scripted). Yet when she actually had a plate of wings in front of her, she didn’t seem to know what to do with them. The result was a hilarious contrast between Lima’s approach to the food and that of Hill and Prinsloo.

While the latter two dug in enthusiastically and even fed each other, Lima picked one up (pinkie out, mind you), put the wing in her mouth sideways to take an awkward taste, and looked confused. “They’re spicy,” she announced, as though she’d never eaten one before. (Let’s face it, she probably hadn’t seen one.) Lima didn’t chance a second taste, and her wings went untouched until Prinsloo decided to sample one.

The best part of the video came when the host lamented the lack of napkins, and then promptly chose Prinsloo’s wings as the best substitute. She looked briefly shocked, but then gamely used them herself and allowed her colleagues to do the same. The method worked perfectly for Hill, who had managed to get sauce all around her mouth.

Although Colbert’s attempt to offer the models fuel for the big day turned out to be in vain — Lima shared that they filmed the show a month ago — it was definitely entertaining.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs on December 8 at 10 pm ET on CBS.