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Who will meet their doom on The Walking Dead’s season 6 finale?

There’s a lot happening with The Walking Dead‘s action-packed season 6 as the show approaches its season finale. However, before we get started, we’ll warn you if you aren’t caught up with the show to stop reading now, as this post will contain plenty of spoilers!

Those who have watched this season know that the 90-minute finale, set to air this Sunday, April 3, will finally introduce the dreaded Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the terrible, villainous leader of the Saviors. And it’s highly likely he’ll take the life of one of the main characters.

How? Negan has an affinity for one particular type of brutal weapon: his barbed wire-covered bat named Lucille. There’s already been plenty of foreshadowing relating to this apparatus, including Glenn picking up a bat, and an image of Lucille on one of the guns Carl picks up.

So we know with some degree of certainty that someone will be brutally killed at the hands of Negan and Lucille. But who? Here are some characters that are likely in the running.


He’s the most obvious choice. We were already teased with Glenn’s (Steven Yuen’s) potential demise earlier this season. But more telling is that it’s Glenn who meets Lucille face-to-face, literally, in the comics. Should the show decide to follow that storyline exactly, the father-to-be could meet his end. Indeed, online polls, like the one hosted on, peg Glenn as the winner, er, loser of the “who will get whacked” contest. Still, will the show really be that cruel to take him out now after just putting viewers through such an emotional rollercoaster with Glenn earlier this season? Or will it do what it’s done before and replicate the scene from the comics, but sub in another character as the victim?


Rick (Andrew Lincoln) doesn’t seem to have much luck in the female department. His wife Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) died relatively early on, followed by Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge), with whom he had a budding romance earlier this season. Now with Michonne (Danai Gurira) as his latest love interest, The Walking Dead may want to make Rick 0 for 3. But beyond their relationship, Michonne could be viewed as a major threat to Negan and the Saviors, and thus the ideal person for him to take out.


The promise of riots should Daryl (Norman Reedus) be killed are pretty fierce, but the penultimate episode (and discussions on Talking Dead after it) suggest that Daryl has been injured by Dwight (Austin Amelio), which puts him in a pretty compromising position. What’s more, we can’t deny that his character has experienced a wonderful journey, going from an aimless hothead of sorts to become a valuable member of the team who would go to great lengths to save them. Having Daryl struck by Lucille would bring his story full circle: his new self showed mercy and let Dwight get away, and it could end up costing him his life — as much as it pains us to say it.


This is one of the least painful options on the list, since Rosita (Christian Serratos) hasn’t had much of a compelling storyline. Considering she’s one of the three people the Saviors captured in the last episode (four if we include Daryl), she could be the one to bite the dust. But all the hype about this being a particularly heart-wrenching episode makes it unlikely that the victim will be someone as expendable as Rosita.


We last saw Carol (Melissa McBride) stealthily fending off a group of the Saviors on their way to Alexandria. Will the Saviors find her, and use her to teach the others a lesson in who’s boss? She did, after all, just single-handedly take out a group of their guys, as well as several others in that dreaded “Kill Room” in the episode prior. But it’s hard to imagine The Walking Dead without the resident badass mom Carol and her wonderful cookies.


Wandering about on his search for Carol, Morgan (Lennie James) is still holding on to his belief that people can change, and all life is precious. Should Negan’s men cross paths with him, he could find out the hard way that not everyone shares his level of optimism. And what better way to show those on the fence (ah-hem Carol) that such hopeful beliefs have no place in this new world than to take out one of the group’s strongest moral compasses.


Forbes makes a pretty convincing argument that it could be Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) who finds himself the unfortunate victim of Lucille. In the comics, it’s actually Abraham who unsuspectingly takes an arrow through the eye – the show, instead, reserved that fate for Denise (Merritt Wever). It would make sense to give comic book fans the story they expected, but with a bit of that unexpected twist with which we’ve become familiar. Abraham may have dodged the arrow, but he might not be able to avoid the bat. He’s the perfect candidate for another reason as well: Abraham had an integral role in every run-in the Alexandrians had with the Saviors, from the motorcycle blow-up with Daryl, to the bush-hiding incident where he saved Rosita and a crotch-biting Eugene (Josh McDermitt).

You can vote in our viewer poll here to let us know who you think will/should get the ax, er, bat.

Okay guys, the 90-minute season finale of The Walking Dead is this Sunday,we know with some degree of certainty that (SPOILER) someone will be brutally killed by the end, but who?

Posted by Digital Trends on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

While these seven are at the top of our list of candidates, it could very well be someone else, like Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), Carl (Chandler Riggs; yah right), or even Maggie (Lauren Cohan) who becomes the group’s sacrificial lamb.

And we can’t leave out the possibility that none of the main members will meet their end at all, and it will simply end with a cliff-hanger that leaves us in a state of panic until season seven commences in October. One way or another, fans will either be mourning or suffering from some serious anxiety after this Sunday — or both.

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