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AMC releases suspenseful first minutes of The Walking Dead midseason premiere

AMC’s midseason premiere of The Walking Dead is right around the corner, but it seems the network has decided your imagination isn’t enough to whet your appetite for the latest zombie exploits.

As such, AMC has released the first four minutes of the midseason premiere, which airs this Sunday, February 14. And while it’s short of action, it’s terribly terrifying, including some bracing discussion about the best way to eat feces (really, you have to watch it to understand), and an introduction to the intimidating ways of Negan.

While we never actually see the next main villain of the story, it’s clear that he means business. If you dare to watch, you’ll see what happens in the minutes after we left off last November, and Negan’s spokesman of sorts declares that whatever Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham own now belongs to Negan.

The trio are left to stare, puzzled as they hand over their weapons and, it seems, whatever other goods they have housed in the tanker. It’s clear that Negan’s crew realizes that whoever this group is, they’re people they want to know. And, more importantly, they want to know where they came from.

Watch for a fun throwback to Abraham’s much-quoted “Who’s Deanna?” inquiry. While the answer he gets isn’t quite what he was looking for, the man pointing a gun at the crew doesn’t have to be the ringleader to strike fear. Could it be that Rick has finally met his match?

In the end, we’re left with a cliffhanger that’s enough to have fans crouching in their seats for fear of what comes next. If the first four minutes are any indication, there will be bloodshed of some sort in this episode. Who’s blood, and how major a character it is, remains to be seen. We still have to wait until Sunday, after all, to find out what happens with the rest of the crew and their attempted single-file line through the sea of zombies.

Make sure to cuddle up close to your significant other this Valentine’s Day, as the episode is bound to be a bumpy ride.

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