Warner Bros. attaches third Dark Knight Rises trailer to The Avengers

warner bros attaches third dark knight rises trailer to the avengers tdkr

Over the next four months, movie theaters will play host to a one-two punch of films based on beloved comic books that have generated nuclear levels of anticipation among millions of prospective fans. Come May 4, Marvel Studios’ The Avengers officially opens here in The States. Then, on July 20, Warner Bros. Pictures will debut The Dark Knight Rises. To date the only link between the two films has been their comic-based subject matter, fan fervor and the expected, ludicrously-oversized bags of cash the two flicks are expected to generate.

As of this morning however, it has been confirmed that the tandem have been officially linked by virtue of a brand new promotional trailer. Specifically, that prior to The Avengers a trailer for The Dark Knight Rises will appear in what can only be described as the geekiest celluloid ménage à trois since … well, ever.

“Yes, our 3rd trailer will be out with The Avengers,” an unnamed Warner Bros. executive told Deadline. “We see this placement as a good strategic decision. We always want our trailers to be seen with films that people want to see — and a lot of people will be going to The Avengers!”

It’s an exceedingly obvious idea, but the executive does make an excellent point. Those likely to shell out cash to see The Avengers are exactly the same people who would be interested in the ongoing adventures of Christian Bale’s Batman. Though the two properties come from separate comic book publishers (who have spent the better part of the last century battling tooth and adamantium-infused nail for market share), they share a key viewing demographic. Comic book geeks love Batman. Comic book geeks love The Avengers. It’s a match made in the wildest dreams of Warner Bros.’ marketing department, and should benefit both films greatly — not that either needed any help in attracting prospective viewers.

Fans will note that this move is not without precedent. A trailer for 2008’s The Dark Knight was featured prior to the original Iron Man. Likewise, a trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Inception — a film featuring many of the key actors found in his Batman films — was attached to 2010’s Iron Man 2. Every film just mentioned was a huge success, much to the glee of Warner Bros., DC Comics, Marvel and anyone else involved with these properties.

“It will provide the best potential exposure for TDKR. It’s a big positive for everyone!” stressed the nameless Warner Bros. exec, presumably moments before pointing out that the sky is blue, and that newborn kittens are, in fact, quite adorable.