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Warner Bros. rumored to have Wonder Woman, Flash / Green Lantern movies planned after Batman V. Superman

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 This year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego could be a big one for Warner Bros. and its stable of DC Comics superheroes, if a recent report on the studio’s plans proves true.

As reported by longtime showbiz journalist Nikke Finke on the newly launched, WB currently has seven projects it would like to announce at Comic-Con in July, though that could change before the convention depending on casting negotiations and scheduling. Those films include:

1. The previously announced Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice in May 2016.
2. The long-awaited Shazam movie in July 2016 that once had Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson attached to star as the film’s villain.
3. The Sandman movie based on Neil Gaiman’s celebrated series that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will produce (and possibly direct and/or star in) in December 2016.
4. The superhero team-up movie Justice League in May 2017.
5. The rumored Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Gadot in July 2017.
6. A surprising team-up film featuring The Flash and Green Lantern in December 2017.
7. And finally, the sequel to Man Of Steel in May 2018.

The report notes that Ryan Reynolds will not be playing Green Lantern in this new lineup of films, which could also introduce Aquaman and various other characters in Batman V. Superman. According to Finke, the reason behind the delays in Batman V. Superman thus far have been due to all of the casting discussions necessary to sign actors for introductory cameos in that film, with multi-film deals that will have them appear in some of the other projects happening down the road, too.

Previously, Warner Bros. revealed plans for nine movies based on DC Comics characters after Batman V. Superman, so there could be more announcements on the way, and some fluidity in the studio’s plans for Comic-Con.

The report also notes that a rumored Metal Men movie and a Suicide Squad movie based on DC’s revolving team of supervillains forced to go on dangerous missions for the government have both been temporarily shelved.

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