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Netflix drops first full trailer for Mr. Show reboot, W/ Bob and David

W/ Bob & David - Trailer - Netflix [HD]
Netflix has released the first trailer for its upcoming “reboot” of the cult-hit HBO sketch comedy show Mr. Show with Bob and David. Now called W/Bob & David, the short-run series from Bob Odenkirk and David Cross will presumably take up the mantle of quirky comedy the duo put down when their original show went off the air 16 years ago.

Mr. Show with Bob and David ran for three years on HBO in the mid-to-late ‘90s, where the two actors performed both live sketches and pre-taped segments featuring a bevy of characters that were fictional versions of themselves. A number of top names in comedy were involved in the show through its run, either as writers or cast members, including Sarah Silverman, Jack Black, and Brian Posehn. During its time on the air, Mr. Show was nominated for both an Emmy and a Golden Satellite Award.

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The main actors, of course, went on to snag successful roles in their careers including Odenkirk’s run as shiester lawyer Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, and Cross’s indelible roll as Tobias Fuhke in Arrested Development. But it’s clear that, despite other successes, the comedic pair have been itching to get back to their roots and a format that was clearly a passion project for them.

Last month, Netflix released a teaser for the show that featured the actors poking fun at their 16-year absence.

The label for the new trailer suggests that Cross and Odenkirk have been in the Navy Seals for the past 16 years, but since being dishonorably discharged, they’re back to deliver us some great sketch comedy. In the short clip we see the actors in a number of roles, from a brunching dry cleaning attendant to an incompetent judge, alongside cameos from other comedy talent, like Keegan Michael Key of the comedy duo, Key & Peele. The trailer shows just enough to get viewers excited, but not too much to spoil the fun.

W/Bob and David is set to hit Netflix on November 13, and will include four, half-hour episodes. Chances are good, though, that if it sparks some nostalgia with viewers — and the actors can fit it into their busy schedules — we’ll see more episodes coming soon.

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