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What to watch on TV this week: 30 for 30, Conan, and more

From Dusk till Dawn: The Series
Cord cutters, your great hope has arrived. Stop plugging your ears around the water cooler and averting your eyes from your Twitter feed as the rest of the world discusses the best shows on TV and start getting back in the conversation with Sling TV. Dish’s service is the solution to all of the problems that going without cable presents and lets you experience today’s best shows, streamed live to the device of your choice, for just $20. So with all that content, what are you going to watch? We have some suggestions for you.

30 for 30 Series


ESPN spends most of its time covering current sports, keeping up with the latest scores and news from around all of the major leagues. It’s enough to fill every day with plenty of headlines and recaps, but it’s also given the company a huge collection of archive footage and access to amazing stories as they develop. Some of those stories deserve more air time than they’ve received to help people fully understand some of the most amazing moments in sports history. That’s where 30 for 30 comes in.

The documentary series started by Bill Simmons calls upon some of the finest film makers around to tell the stories that deserve to be told from the world of sports. You don’t even have to be interested in sports to find these films engaging and entertaining. They are pieces of storytelling that deal with the human condition with sports as the background.

Adventure Time


It may appear on the kid-leaning Cartoon Network, but Adventure Time is a show with no age limit. Anyone can enjoy the adventures of Finn and Jake in the Land of Ooo. The work of creator Pendleton Ward, Adventure Time has a cast of characters as colorful as the world itself, with the likes of Princess Bubblegum, the Ice King, and Marceline the Vampire Queen. Every episode is a romp through a new part of the ever-expanding world, and you’ll want to see all of it.



When Conan O’Brien made the move to TBS, there was excitement and worry about how the transition would go. Now closing in on the fifth full season of his late-night show Conan, the comedian and talk show host is just as funny as ever. The show is filled with all of the signature Conan bits, from ridiculous characters to his always hilarious remote segments, plus he always has a great guest or band stopping by the show. Every night is something new but it always lives up to TBS’ motto “Very funny.”

Bizarre Foods


America is a melting pot of culture and influences but some foods never catch on inside its borders. The rest of the world is eating exotic, interesting, and sometimes just plain weird dishes that those stateside would never dream of touching. Andrew Zimmern is bringing those cultural delicacies to your screen on Bizarre Foods. Spend the day watching someone eat the things you never would; Everything from pig testicles to duck eggs to dried tree lizards. It’ll either make you hungry or make you never want to eat again.

From Dusk till Dawn: The Series


When Robert Rodriguez launched his El Rey channel, fans of the unique director immediately looked forward to revisiting some of the worlds he built for the big screen. From Dusk till Dawn: The Series picks up in the world of the supernatural to further explore the background of vampire culture and the surrounding Aztec and Mayan mythologies that shape the store. Maintaining the horror vibe of the film, it follows the Gecko brothers as they’re pursued by the law and run into all sorts of characters and creatures.

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