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What to watch on TV this week: The Walking Dead, NBA on TNT, and more

Walking Dead
Gene Page/AMC
Cord cutters, your great hope has arrived. Stop plugging your ears around the water cooler and averting your eyes from your Twitter feed as the rest of the world discusses the best shows on TV and start getting back in the conversation with Sling TV. Dish’s service is the solution to all of the problems that going without cable presents and lets you experience today’s best shows, streamed live to the device of your choice, for just $20. So with all that content, what are you going to watch? We have some suggestions for you.

The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Zombies
Gene Page/AMC

Zombies have become a part of the cultural zeitgeist. Everyone has a plan in the back of their head should the zombie apocalypse suddenly begin to send the world into a a frenzy. If you want to track back the origin of the outbreak of our zombie obsession, it’ll likely take you to the start of The Walking Dead. The AMC program based off the Robert Kirkman comic series isn’t the patient zero for zombies, but it is the one that made the trend widespread.

Currently in its fifth season, The Walking Dead is as strong as its ever been as a TV show. It’s a must-watch event every Sunday and packed with characters that are worth following as they try to maintain their humanity in a time where humans are going extinct, and slowly being replaced by walking corpses. You never know what’s going to happen week to week and no one is ever safe, so you’re always on the edge of your seat. Now you won’t have to miss another episode.

Rick and Morty


Dan Harmon brought his brand of hilarity to the sitcom format with Community, but his real masterpiece may be his animated take on the mad scientist-young ward relationship trope with Rick and Morty. What may feel like a Doc Brown-Marty McFly style partnership at first continues down a slope of crazier and more off-the-wall adventures that are as twisted as they are hilarious. If you’re looking for a laugh, catch a half hour of non-stop, rapid fire ones in this Adult Swim show.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown


Anthony Bourdain seems like he pops up on any channel you may flip to. His CNN show Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown is a consistently fascinating watch as he travels the world and takes a look at locations off the beaten path—places tourists would never know exist. Whether he’s in a far-off country on the other side of the world or exploring one of the largest cities in the United States, he’s always finding places that are rarely explored but full of unique culture and interesting history.



The TNT crew that cover the NBA are some of the best in sports. The award-winning studio show hosted by Ernie Johnson with Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, and Kenny Smith provide insight and entertainment between the games, but the true draw are the showdowns between the league’s top teams. Match ups between some of the best teams in basketball take place every week, and the high-paced, hard-fought games have made the NBA a premier sporting event.



Love him or hate him, Keith Olbermann always has something interesting to say. On his ESPN2 show Olbermann, he’s back to doing what he does best: talking at length about sports. In his daily monologue, he tackles topical issues in sports that too often go ignored and he regular interviews with different voices from around the sports world.

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