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Where you can stream Barbarian

The fall of 2022 featured a surprisingly strong lineup of horror titles, but chief among that group was Barbarian. The movie, which is as twisty as they come, starts with the premise that two people have inadvertently booked the same Airbnb. To say any more about the film’s plot would be to ruin many of the movie’s best thrills. If you didn’t get a chance to catch Barbarian in theaters, though, you may be wondering what the best way to stream the movie is.

As it turns out, Barbarian arrived on HBO Max on October 25, so the easiest way to catch the movie would be to stream it there. It’s unclear how long Barbarian will be on HBO Max, but it should be there at least through the rest of November, and perhaps much longer than that.

How much does HBO Max cost?

If you want to stream Barbarian but don’t currently have a subscription to HBO Max, there are a number of different plans you can sign up for. The cheapest plan comes with ads and is either $10/month or $100 for a full year. If you want to get an ad-free version of HBO Max, you’ll need to spend either $15/month or $150 for a full year.

That definitely makes HBO Max one of the pricier streaming services out there, but in all fairness, it’s also got one of the deepest benches of content. In addition to Barbarian, it has a range of other classic and recent horror movies from Warner Bros., as well as all of the shows that HBO and HBO Max have produced in their long history. On top of that, Studio Ghibli movies are also available to stream on the service, as well as Cartoon Network, TCM, and a bevy of other channels. It’s an impressive lineup of content, which somewhat justified the higher price tag.

Georgina Campbell crawls up a metal staircase in Barbarian.
20th Century Studios, 2022

Is it worth it to subscribe to HBO Max for Barbarian?

If none of the other stuff on HBO Max appeals to you, it may be worth it to subscribe to HBO Max for just a month for Barbarian. If you’re someone intrigued by the premise who is desperate to remain unspoiled, then your smartest move is to actually watch the movie as quickly as possible. Barbarian is certainly worth the effort: It’s delightful, scary, and has real things to say about the way the legacy of 1980s America continues to infect our lives today.

Is there anywhere else you can stream Barbarian?

HBO Max is the only platform where you can stream Barbarian for free, but you can rent the movie from a wide variety of other platforms for $4. Those platforms include YouTube, Google Play, Amazon, and Apple TV.

Wherever you decide to watch it, though, Barbarian is worth the time. There are few movies more surprising and innovative, and it also features great performances from Bill Skarsgård, Justin Long, and especially Georgina Campbell. Horror movies don’t have to be great to be thrilling, but thankfully, Barbarian is both.

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