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Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg join the Where’s Waldo movie

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A movie based on the Where’s Waldo? books has been in the works for a while, though without much movement, after it was first announced back in 2011. That project now appears to have found some momentum, however, with Seth Rogen and his frequent collaborator, Evan Goldberg, joining the film as producers.

The live-action film will reportedly follow inventor/janitor Waldo on an adventure through time and space in the spirit of the best-selling series of vividly illustrated books created by Martin Handford.

The Tracking Board initially reported the pair’s involvement with the film, and it’s unknown whether Rogen and Goldberg will take on a role beyond producers on the project. In the past, the pair have been responsible for writing, directing, or starring in various films they collaborated on, including The Interview, Superbad, Neighbors, and This is the End.

A subsequent report from Deadline suggests that, along with bringing Rogen and Goldberg to the project, MGM Studios has also enlisted the aid of screenwriters Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir to develop the script for the film. Hunter and Shaffir previously worked with Rogen and Goldberg on the script for the holiday comedy The Night Before and are also collaborating with the pair on the upcoming, “R”-rated animated comedy Sausage Party.

The Where’s Waldo? movie was initially announced in 2011, but seemed to stall out in development over the last few years. The film has had a long list of screenwriters attached to its script at various points, including Meet the Fockers writer Marc Hyman and Exodus: Gods and Kings writer Adam Cooper, among others.

The film would be the first live-action adaptation of Where’s Waldo? to hit the screen, but not the first adaptation overall, as a 13-episode animated television series aired on CBS in the early ’90s.

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