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Who should play Robin in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold movie?

Robin jumps from a plane in a DC comic.
DC Comics

Damian Wayne is no slouch. “I’m not like Tim, or Jason, or even Dick. I’m light-years ahead of all the past Robins in skill and training. I’m either your partner in this or I’m not.” Pretty blunt words coming out of the mouth of a youngster. But in all fairness, Damian Wayne is, perhaps, one of the most fascinating Robins to ever partner with Batman, his father. He never minces words and is forthright in his actions. Trained from a young age to be a killer in the League of Assassins, Damian has his own view on how criminals should be handled: they should be killed. But when Bruce takes his son under his wing as a crime-fighting partner, the two experience a few growing pains in their Dynamic Duo as their moral standings clash.

Damian Wayne is the Robin that is set to appear in the upcoming Batman and Robin film, The Brave and the Bold. Created by famed DC comics author Grant Morrison, Damian Wayne isn’t your average Boy Wonder, and it’s going to take skilled talent in order to capture this youngster’s bravado, intellect, and warrior spirit in live-action. In the DC comics source material, Damian Wayne is 10 years old when his father first meets him and learns of his existence. As a Robin, Damian dons the suit for years, eventually becoming a young teen. With that in mind, we’ll examine some of the best casting prospects for this famous Batman sidekick.

Mason Thomas

A ghost stands next to Finney in The Black Phone.
Universal Pictures, 2022 / Universal Pictures

It’s going to be difficult to find an actor between 10 and 15 years old who can have the physicality required for a powerhouse role like Damian Wayne. So, it’s likely that many options will be a tad older in the upcoming DC Universe. Mason Thomas is an excellent choice for the role of Damian’s take on the Boy Wonder. Having recently starred in the 2022 horror/thriller hit The Black Phone, Thomas has clearly shown he has the edge and the gravitas required to play a cutthroat like Damian.

Of course, The Black Phone was his first major starring role. But it’s undeniable that he has the talent necessary. Throughout the film, he played the role of a young boy who was kidnapped by a serial killer and locked in his basement. His character was determined, fierce, and brilliant. These are all qualities that will easily translate to young Damian Wayne.

Ian Armitage

Young Sheldon on HBO Max

Most people may recognize this budding actor as the youthful incarnation of the future quirky Big Bang Theory physicist, Sheldon Cooper, on the aptly named series Young Sheldon. Ian Armitage has also had experience in the feature film department with titles like The Glass Castle, Our Souls at Night, I’m Not Here, and Scoob! under his belt. Truthfully, Armitage was born for the theater as the son of two parents who have experience on the stage.

Across Armitage’s short, but already full career, he has demonstrated a wide range in his ability to tackle roles with varying personalities, characteristics, and backgrounds. With Damian Wayne also being intellectually ahead of his physical age, it’s not very hard to hear the sarcastic wit of Armitage’s Sheldon applied to berating his Batman or others for their decisions. He’d be a prime candidate for such a role considering Sheldon Cooper would’ve been over the moon at the prospect of being in a Batman film.

Aiden Gallagher

Aiden Gallagher in The Umbrella Academy

While he’s an older casting option for this role, Aiden Gallagher has the all the proper acting experience to portray a cold, calculating youngster who clashes with his father’s principles. He absolutely looks the part, which also helps his case. Gallagher portrays Number Five on The Umbrella Academy, a character who is plenty violent and capable of challenging others when the situation arises. It’s truly a nearly perfect role that fits in line with Damian Wayne’s ruthless behavior.

While Gallagher would be considered a young adult at this stage, it’s very possible that he could portray a teen character believably. Despite not having an extensive filmography, The Umbrella Academy is really all we need to see to know that Gallagher is absolutely a strong possibility for this role.

Finn Wolfhard

The original gang is back together in Stranger Things 4.

This is a face most avid TV and film viewers are familiar with. Finn Wolfhard famously portrays Mike Wheeler on the ultrapopular Netflix series Stranger Things. He also has starred in films like Andy Muschietti’s It and the modern Ghostbusters sequel Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Wolfhard has also appeared on individual episodes in major series such as the CW’s The 100 and Supernatural. It goes without saying that Wolfhard already has a wealth of experience in his young career.

Wolfhard is largely in the same situation as Gallagher age-wise. But he could believably still portray a teenager given the opportunity. Between Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things and Richie Tozier in It, Wolfhard already has displayed qualities of leadership and snarky wit that are both key elements of Damian Wayne’s persona. In his career, Wolfhard has already shown that he has range. There’s no doubt that he could be a reasonable candidate for the upcoming Robin. Considering Wolfhard has already worked with director Andy Muschietti on It and Muschietti is set to direct The Brave and the Bold, it’s also possible the director could favor him for the role.

David Mazouz

David Mazouz in Gotham
Fox, 2018 / Fox

Here’s one that’s a bit on the nose. Let’s consider the same young actor who portrayed a young Bruce to now don the Robin duds as the Dark Knight’s progeny. David Mazouz is currently in his early 20s, however, there’s no doubt that he’d have the perfect young “Wayne” appeal considering his past experience on Gotham. Visually, he has a very strong Damian Wayne vibe in comparison to the character’s design in the comics.

Mazouz is also clearly familiar with the world of Batman, and has experience fighting crime on-screen. Throughout the entire run of Gotham, Mazouz grew both physically and in honing his acting talent. His filmography also includes credits in multiple theatrical feature films, including The Birthday Cake, Incarnate, and The Darkness so he has rubbed shoulders with actors like Ewan McGregor, Kevin Bacon, and another Batman alum, Val Kilmer. He should be on the radar of casting directors.

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