Wolf of Wall Street tops ‘most pirated movies of the year’ list

wolf of wall street most pirated movie the year
The Wolf of Wall Street, a true-life tale of greed, corruption, excess, and plenty more besides has earned the dubious accolade of ‘most pirated movie of 2014,’ according to data from piracy-tracking firm Excipio (via Variety).

The movie, which features Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role, landed in theaters at the end of last year and in the intervening period has been downloaded just over 30 million times by torrent users around the world.

With box-office takings of $392 million, together with 31 awards and more than 100 nominations globally, the Martin Scorsese flick was always going to garner a lot of interest from downloaders.

Excipio’s data, which covered downloads from January 1 to December 23, listed Disney’s animation hit Frozen as the second most downloaded movie of the year, while RoboCop came in third, though its final figure included the combined total for both this year’s version and the 1987 original.

Curiously, the illegal-download chart doesn’t always follow the expected pattern. As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, several of the year’s top-grossing movies, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Maleficent among them, were no-shows in the piracy chart.

You can check out Excipio’s full list below:

1. The Wolf of Wall Street: 30.035 million – Paramount, Dec. 2013
2. Frozen: 29.919m – Disney, Nov. 2013
3. RoboCop: 29.879m – MGM, Feb. 2014; and Orion, Jul. 17, 1987
4. Gravity: 29.357m – Warner Bros. Oct. 2013
5. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: 27.627m – Warner Bros., Dec. 2013
6. Thor: The Dark World: 25.749m – Disney/Marvel, Nov. 2013
7. Captain America: The Winter Soldier: 25.628m – Disney/Marvel, Apr. 2014
8. The Legend of Hercules: 25.137m – Summit, Jan. 2014
9. X-Men: Days of Future Past: 24.380m – 20th Century Fox, May 2014
10. 12 Years a Slave: 23.653m – Fox Searchlight, Oct. 2013
11. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: 23.543m – Lionsgate, Nov. 2013
12. American Hustle: 23.143m – Sony/Columbia, Dec. 2013
13. 300: Rise of an Empire: 23.096m – Warner Bros., Mar. 2014
14. Transformers: Age of Extinction: 21.65m – Paramount, Jun. 2014
15. Godzilla: 20.956m – Warner Bros., May 2014
16. Noah: 20.334m – Paramount, Mar. 2014
17. Divergent: 20.312m – Lionsgate, Mar. 2014
18. Edge of Tomorrow: 20.299m – Warner Bros., Jun. 2014
19. Captain Phillips: 19.817m – Sony/Columbia, Oct. 2013
20. Lone Survivor: 19.130m – Universal, Dec. 2013

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