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SXSW Music Week has officially begun – celebrate with our festival-feting playlists

SXSW 2013 Playlists
Are you ready for SXSW 2013? This year promises a Texas-size truckload of musical acts to watch, all of which are scheduled to perform over a span of six days (March 12 to 17, Tuesday through Sunday) in various venues. To give you a proper taste of what to expect per day, we’ve created playlists that feature a handful of artists from the variety of genres represented at the festival. So whether you plan to fly to Austin to participate in the flesh or to stay in your jammies and keep tabs on the festival through any means possible, listening to music is always a good idea to pump you up and get you excited for what’s to come. Enjoy.

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When you feel like vegging out

Genres covered: Americana, Electronic, Folk, Reggae, Singer/Songwriter

Here’s a list to accompany you as you enjoy the art of doing nothing. Feel free to put it on low during siesta time (your brain still ‘hears’ it), on medium over an afternoon of hanging out with your friends indoors, and on high when you feel like getting lost in your own thoughts. This list includes a track from Snoop Lion – who we previously all grew to know and love as Snoop Dogg.

When you feel like going nuts on the dance floor

Genres covered: Dance, DJ, Pop

You don’t need an actual dance floor … this list would do just fine in keeping you dance addicts satisfied – after all, music is meant to be enjoyed with our bodies, right? So don’t be ashamed to move your furniture around to make room for you and your pals to get busy! This list features Tegan and Sara, now with a brand new sound.

When you feel the good vibes a-flowin’

Genres covered: Funk, Hip Hop/Rap, Ska

Happiness is awesome! Have everybody over and have a party, because with this soundtrack, you can definitely feel the good vibes in the air. There are only three ska acts in this year’s SXSW, and we’ve got a sample from all of them! It is also important to note one of the gems in this list, the song Thrift Shop (we’re sure you’ve heard of this awesome song. If not – get out).

When you feel something different

Genres covered: Avant/Experimental, World

Want to give your go-to playlist a rest? Here are some songs that are truly trippy. Note that one of the genres covered in this list is Experimental, so be prepared for weird and eccentric. Fact: SXSW is a great avenue to discover experimental music if you’re into that sort of sound – just look at this list of acts performing!

When you feel like going m/

Genres covered: Latin Rock, Metal, Punk, Rock

Rock is more than a type of music. Some consider it a lifestyle. These songs are only some of the many SXSW performers who vow to give you a good show—good enough to make you want to unleash your rock god within. Ever heard of the awesomeness that is Iggy & The Stooges? If not, then now is a good time to get to know their music.

When you feel like hanging out with the family

Genres covered: Alt. Country, Bluegrass, Blues, Classical, Country, Gospel, Jazz, old school R&B

Call mom, pops, even gramma and gramps, because this playlist has a little something for everyone. We know it’s probably not normal for our folks to like our taste in music, but with this mix, it might just be possible after all.

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