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Adele’s first show in New York for 25 lands NBC special

adele single hello is the most downloaded debut in history
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Few musical events in recent memory have been loaded with more hype than Adele’s forthcoming album, 25. The video for her first single on the album, Hello, has garnered over 100 million YouTube views since its release last week — a pace bested only by the great Gangnam Style event of 2013. Accordingly, the kick-off to the pop empresses first tour in the U.S. since 2011 will be granted a live special to air on NBC.

Titled Adele Live in New York City, the special will be recorded and later aired as a one-hour event following Adele’s November 17 performance at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. USA Today reports that the show will be Adele’s largest in the Big Apple, and the set will serve as a launch pad of sorts for her November 20 album release.

The unprecedented success of Adele’s second album 21 (a follow up to her successful debut, 19) made her a household name, smashing charts, scooping up 6 Grammys, and going platinum 30 times over. While the incredible success propelled the artist to near-instant fame, it also seemed to make her a bit reclusive over the last few years, accented by vocal trouble she experienced shortly after the album’s release in the form of a polyp on her vocal chords which required laser surgery, then total silence for months afterward.

Apart from the release of her Oscar-winning song, Skyfall — which appeared in the James Bond film of the same name in 2012 — Adele has been laying relatively low both personally and professionally over the last few years. As such, the release of 25 is jam-packed with expectations and exuberance from her millions of fans, evidenced by the rabid reaction to the release of the hook-heavy single Hello, which has caused nothing short of a phenomenon online since its release. Billboard estimates that 25 is poised to sell at least 1 million copies in its first week alone, and could possibly pass the 2 million mark.

Following the release of 25, Adele will be sticking around in New York as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on November 21, along with host Matthew McConaughey.


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