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Adele says she will debut new material in 2016

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Though here latest album is just a few months old, Adele has teased new material with fans saying that she may conclude sets with a new song, according to The Sun.

The singer told fans at the debut of her U.K. tour in Belfast, Ireland — her first full live show in four years — that she may debut new material live this year, though, interestingly enough, she says she’s yet to pen any new tunes.

“There may be a new song towards the end of the shows,” she said, “I haven’t written anything yet, though.”

Whatever that new song ends up sounding like, there’s a good chance that the public will adore it. The singer has broken numerous sales records for her latest album 25, which came out in November, and that follows over 30 million albums sold for her previous hit LP, 21.

In addition to teasing new material, Adele also spoke of the joys of motherhood, saying that being a mom is part of the reason she was willing to spend so much time on the road, and remain so resolute in crafting new material.

“In between my albums I popped out a baby. It is the greatest thing I ever did. Now I have complete purpose. I want him to be proud of me and understand why I do this,” she reportedly said at the gig.

Though she has teased new material, it is unlikely that whatever Adele writes will end up recorded professionally and released anytime soon; Adele will spend much of 2016 on the road in support of 25, and will probably not have the time to lay down much of it in a proper recording studio.

That said, for the long material-starved Adele fans — many of whom waited on pins and needles for years for 25 to drop — any new songs will be savored.

Given her massive touring schedule this year, the British songstress will probably take much of next year off (and possibly beyond) to write, and perhaps even record, a new album. And if fans can get her to shorten her release cycle from every four years to every two, they will be happy as clams.

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