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Apple increases iTunes Match and Apple Music storage to 100,000 songs

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Apple knows not to make promises it can’t keep, and now, it’s delivering on an issue that has music fans everywhere singing hallelujah. The iEmpire has now increased the iTunes Match and Apple Music libraries limit from 25,000 to 100,000. While rumors of the increase have been swirling about since Apple executive Eddy Cue first made the announcement back in June, it’s now been made official. In a confirmation to MacRumors, Cue stated that Apple has “started rolling out support for 100k libraries.”

The quadrupled expansion includes iTunes Match, a nifty service that looks at your song collection and then at Apple’s song collection, and will play anything that appears on both lists sans download. iCloud Music Library and Apple Music will also be privy to the change, says Macworld’s Kirk McElhearn. The previous limit was particularly problematic for iPhone and Apple users who had devices with a large storage capacity, but no music to fill them with.

The 100,000 Apple limit is now greater than that of Google Music, which has a 50,000 cap for its users. However, Apple’s music services are considerably more expensive than those of its competitors — iTunes Match is $24.99 a year, and Apple Music costs $9.99 per month (though it’s already racked up 6.5 million paying customers).

The support document on Apple’s website hasn’t been updated quite yet to reflect this joyous news, but just about everyone seems ready to shout it from the rooftops anyway. So listen away, Apple users. Your music world just got a lot bigger.

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