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The Apple Music Festival has some big names this year, but you’ll have to subscribe to watch it

Apple Music Festival 10
Looking forward to the 10th anniversary of the Apple Music Festival? Then you better make sure you’re an Apple Music subscriber. That service may not have existed a decade ago when Apple launched what was then called the iTunes Music Festival, but now that times have changed, so too must your subscription status.

Currently slated to take place in London at the iconic Roundhouse venue in Camden, the Music Festival will kick off on September 18 with Elton John as the headlining act. And to make the good times last a bit longer, Apple is spreading out the performances over the course of several days, rather than lining up all the acts in back-to-back nights.

Confirmed artists include The 1975, Alicia Keys, OneRepublic, Calvin Harris, Robbie Williams, Bastille, Britney Spears, Michael Bublé, and Chance The Rapper, but given the momentous 10th anniversary celebration, there are bound to be a few other big names that will surprise and entice fans.

If this all sounds too good to miss (but hopping on a flight to the U.K. isn’t a possibility), you’ll still be able to stream the performances — if you’re an Apple Music subscriber. So if you’ve yet to take advantage of the service’s free three-month trial period, you may want to think about starting that in anticipation of the September 18 event.

If you do happen to be a resident of the United Kingdom, you’re able to apply for tickets to each night’s performance at Apple’s Music Festival site. The last performer, Chance The Rapper, is set to take the stage on September 30.

“Over the past decade, the Festival has brought the biggest and best artists from all over the world to London and into the homes of millions of music fans,” said Oliver Schusser, Apple VP of International Content. “This year’s Apple Music Festival builds on that incredible legacy and we couldn’t be more excited to have another amazing lineup to celebrate our 10th birthday.”

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