The best Daft Punk helmet ever made was created by a pair of fans from Spain

A pair of Daft Punk fans from Spain have spent an inordinate amount of time creating a perfect replica of the electronic music duo’s iconic, gold Guy Man helmet — and the thing is spectacular. Created by LoveProps, which features an industrial engineer and a prop enthusiast, the replica, which they call the GM01, took more than a year to complete.

That’s because the full-scale replica includes a myriad of cool tech that improves upon the genuine article the French musicians sport on stage. The GM01 was handmade and sculpted, and features 250 LEDs, custom electronics, Wi-Fi, MIDI, motion and audio interactivity, and a massive amount of custom programming, all stuffed inside a beautiful chrome chassis.

“The designing, building, and programming of the GM01 took more than one year of daily work. Finishing the unit with the desired quality was a huge odyssey,” the team writes on their blog,  “This helmet, it’s a step closer to be the real robot that the original helmet was just pretending to be: A programmable autonomous unit capable of interacting with the user.”

The helmet is capable of playing prerecorded light animations or generating new ones in real time, as well as modifying them based on motion, sound, midi, and Wi-Fi. Now that’s some serious tech in a wearable package.

The company offers a step-by-step account of how it built the thing, so those interested in crafting their own version of the iconic electronic act’s helmet can follow along with their process. But unless one has a significant amount of experience crafting such items, it is unlikely that they will achieve anywhere near the quality level of the LoveProps helmet.

The duo’s previous project, a Tetrahedron with LEDs that was designed to be displayed on the main stage of Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, Spain, can also be found on their website.