This Week in Music: The week of the mixtapes and comebacks with Wale, Miguel and More

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We listen to new music every week, but finding out what’s new isn’t always easy. Below is a list of our favorite new albums and single that dropped this week so you can keep your head bobbing all through your commute and drum on your desk to the dismay of all your co-workers. Here are the best releases for the third week of November 2014.

New Albums for November 18, 2014


Manchester Orchestra

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After the critically acclaimed Cope, Manchester Orchestra gives fans a new way to experience the album with Cope, a stripped down reimagining of the record that provides a pretty contrast to the guttural songs.

The Way


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The punk pioneers by way of Manchester make their return to music with their first record since 2006. The Way finds the band picking up and finding top form with a collection of new, pop-punk tracks with an old school sound.


TV on the Radio

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On the indie band’s fifth studio effort, TV on the Radio produce a record equal parts accessible and rewarding. From a melancholy darkness comes soulful vocals, hopeful lyrics, and an intricate sound.

Live in Berlin

Depeche Mode

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The beloved electronic band from England take to the stage in Berlin to run down a mix of material. Fan favorites aplenty make this a great starting point for new fans and new way to experience songs for longtime followers.

Pom Pom

Ariel Pink

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Ariel Pink is not afraid to provoke – the musician engaged in beefs with Madonna and Grimes this year. That goes for his music as well, and this record provides a post-punk grit with a serious sense of humor.

Bones + Longing

Gemma Hayes

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The award-winning Irish singer-songwriter and composer took to PledgeMusic to raise money for this project. Now its ready for release, and the alt-rock darling is unapologetic in both her sonic construction and her performing.

First Demo


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This post-hardcore band that built a huge cult following hasn’t released a new record since 2001. First Demo isn’t necessarily new aside from the cuts on the record haven’t been heard by the public. It’s a look back at the band’s roots.

Teenage Retirement


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Chumped is new on the scene, but has already made a big impression. The group of punk prodigies are on their way to building something impressive, and Teenage Retirement serves as a strong debut LP.

Aliens in the Outfield

Diarrhea Planet

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Diarrhea Planet came onto the scene screaming in 2009 with their fierce sound and high-octane approach to making music. Aliens in the Outfield is the new EP from the Nashville outfit delivers both scorching sound and emotional depth.

New Singles

Rock or Bust


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Everyone’s favorite crew of Australian rockers are returning to music with their new record Rock or Bust. The single of the same title is available now, and it’s clear AC/DC hasn’t lost a bit of their ability to rock.





Usher’s new single “Clueless” has actually been out for a week now, but you probably haven’t heard it. That’s because it was available only in boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios sold at Walmart. (Yes, seriously.) It’s now online.

Gold Coins

Charli XCX

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With her newest record release getting closer, Charli XCX is on a victory lap. Her latest preview of the final product is “Gold Coins,” a low key party tune with influence found in new wave sounds.

Bed of Lies

Nicki Minaj (Feat. Skylar Grey)

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Nicki Minaj has been busy lately, dropping new singles just about every week. On her latest, the studio version of a song she debuted at the MTV Awards, she recruits Skylar Grey for a more personal and intimate cut.


Smashing Pumpkins

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The upcoming Smashing Pumpkins record is something fans have been getting excited for. Band lead Billy Corgan shows it will be worth the wait with “Tiberius,” a song with equal measure of quiet moments and brazen upticks.

Detroit vs. Everybody


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Em’s newest record Shady XV is on its way. This track serves as a teaser trailer to the full feature and it pulls in just about every rapper from the D that you can think of and let’s them drop a verse.

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