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Let your feelings flow with our list of the best songs that make you cry

Sometimes, you just need a good cry. Whether tragedy has struck, love has been lost, or stress in your life is at an all time high, a fresh batch of tears can prove the most cathartic solution to life’s biggest problems.

For this exact reason, we’ve put together a soundtrack for your sadness, with over an hour of the biggest sob songs of all time. Hopefully, the songs on this Spotify playlist will offer you some much needed release, and maybe even some solace.

After your big cry, pep up by checking out our other hand-curated playlists, ranging from workout hits to songs to dance to. If you like what you hear, be sure to follow our account on Spotify.

For now, dim the lights, pour a nice glass of red, and prepare to lose some water weight — these are some real tear-jerkers.

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