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5 songs you need to stream this week: Beyoncé, NITE-FUNK, and more

best songs to stream june 2016 dam funk
Every week, there are hundreds of thousands of new songs hitting the airwaves. It’s too much for just your two ears to handle. With all those options, you can’t be wasting your time on tracks worthy of a thumbs down click. But don’t worry, we’re going to save you the hassle. We listen to some of the most-hyped and interesting songs each week, and tell you which are worthy of your precious listening time.

Here are our top 5 songs to stream this week — and remember to subscribe to our Spotify playlist for all of our weekly picks.

Beyoncé — Sorry

Ok, you caught us: The song isn’t new, but the video is! Beyoncé’s latest visual contribution to her astonishing album Lemonade features tennis superstar Serena Williams in a black and white video which is dark and captivating — and well worth streaming in its debut week. And if you haven’t heard it in a while, the song itself is among the best from her recent record, a trap-influenced single which empowers the cheated, and showcases the darker side of Bey’s well-rendered vocal talent.

NITE-FUNK — Let It Be Me

A collaboration between electronic producer Nite Jewel and Stones Throw records’ Dâm-Funk (pronounced “Dame”), Let It Be Me is a slice of ’80s dance nostalgia that comes just weeks after Nite Jewel’s latest record hit stores. The song is the first collaborative single off of the pair’s upcoming EP, which hits stores on July 1st. Given how awesome this — and, for that matter, last year’s collaboration Can U Read Me? — sound, there’s a lot to look forward to from the pair’s upcoming release.

Miguel — Come Through And Chill

The mellow vibes expressed by R&B singer Miguel on his latest single Come Through And Chill are perfectly suited to the dreary island backdrop which appears as the single’s SoundCloud wallpaper. There’s a bit of darkness in his lyricism on this one, a yearning which finds itself easily visualized by a windy day in the tropics. The song simmers slowly for its four-plus minutes, manifesting itself as a perfect backdrop to an occasionally rainy summer’s day.

Teenage Fanclub — I’m In Love

There’s a happy-go-lucky, Beach Boys quality to Teenage Fanclub’s latest single I’m In Love that makes it excellently suited to a drive along the coast. Shimmery vocal harmonies meld with a simple groove, creating a song with an aesthetic that feels utterly classic, yet doesn’t eschew quality modern production techniques. The first new single from the Scottish band in six years, this one is an excellent return to form.

Tyler The Creator — Pillow Talk (Zayne Remix)

Tyler The Creator may be one of the funniest and simultaneously most difficult to understand characters in music. On the video for his latest single, an astonishingly good remix to former One Direction member Zayne Malik’s single Pillow Talk, the rapper/producer is dressed in all yellow, parading around what seems to be the attic of his house. It’s an odd artistic effort which is both self-deprecating and high-school-bedroom honest, created because, as The Creator himself says, he “had no art to go along with it.”

That’s it for now, but check back every week for more new tunes to stream!

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